5 Best Hotels around Ijen Crater

5 Best Hotels around Ijen Crater

5 Best Hotels Near Ijen Crater – Ijen Crater is one of the most famous volcanic Tourism attraction in Indonesia. Spending holiday in Indonesia doesn’t complete without visiting Ijen Crater. Ijen Crater has many spot to visit, from the phenomenon of Blue Flame, the majesty of sunrise, the beauty of Blue Lake and more. For sure, you should stay around Ijen because the trip will be started in the midnight.

Ijen Crater is located between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso Regency, so you can choose the route heading to Ijen. There are some recommend hotels you can stay around Ijen Crater. Make sure you have a well sleep before trekking. And here 5 Best Hotels around Ijen Crater which located near Ijen crater.

1. Ijen Resort and Villas (The Hidden Paradise)

The location is around 45 minutes from Ijen Crater. It is located in Randu Agung Village, Licin Regency. It’s called heaven because this hotel is surrounded by rice field, you can sunbathe in front of your room with the rice field view, and even you can see the Ijen Mountain as well from your window. In your free time, you can do trekking village around hotel or spa with traditional massage.

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Here is below the exact point of this Resort:

2. Jiwa Jawa resort Ijen (The thousand temples of Gandrung)
Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen is located around 15 Km from Ijen Crater, or 40 minutes. This hotel is completed with gorgeous Gallery of Banyuwangi heritage. You can enjoy the history of Gandrung, the Story of Banyuwangi, Puppet collections as well and more. This hotel is discovered by mini forest, this place so discreet and tranquil.

Near the hotel, there is Taman Terracotta Gandrung or Gandrung Terracotta Park. You can enjoy some coffee and learn about history of Coffee there and see the thousands of Gandrung statues. There is an Amphiteather that often held many events. Such like Sendratari Meras Gandrung (Colossal Drama about the dancer of Banyuwangi, it is doing once in month), Summer Jazz, Jazz Gunung, and more. Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen is where the beauty of nature and charm of culture stick together.

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Here is below the exact point of this Hotel:

3. Grand Harvest Resort and Villas
Grand Harvest Resort and Villas is located about 17 Km From Ijen Crater or 40 minutes heading to Ijen. Grand Harvest and Villas is where you can touch rice field and fruit plantation inside the hotel Area. In the hotel was planted many kinds of fruit that some can harvested by the guest. It is nice to spend time with family or kiddos here. So many attractions that can be enjoyed by kiddos, such as Cycling, Swimming with Flamingo, ATV, or giving feeds to lot of rabbits.

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Here is below the exact point of this Hotel :

4. Kampong Joglo Ijen
Kampung Joglo Ijen is located in Banjar Village,Licin Regency, Banyuwangi, or 45 minutes from Ijen Crater. The typical building uses Javanese House or Joglo. There is new attraction from Kampung Joglo Ijen, that is a River Spot. There are some cozy areas which placed close with the river. You can feel the sound of river with enjoy some coffee or tea with your friend or family after do trekking in Ijen crater.

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Here is below the exact point of this Hotel:

5. Didu’s Homestay
The last recommendation is not a hotel but a simple homestay but it’s the best homestay that you must check when you are heading to Ijen Crater, Didu’s Homestay is located near Banyuwangi Station (Karang Asem Station), it will take around 50 minutes heading to Ijen Crater. The room in this Homestay is very cozy, beautiful, full of green trees and romantic. The wall is built from wood, that make the atmosphere feel warm. Every morning you will be served the special breakfast by the owner. There is kitchen that you can make you own coffee. If you have free time, you can spend it by enjoying some book in balcony or Mini Park.

Image by Didus Homestay

There are some good hotels nearby to check too such as Ketapang Indah Hotel, Illira Hotel, Dialoog Hotel, Aston Hotel or Santika Hotel but Didu’s homestay is good to try for your stay during your visit to Ijen Crater.

Here is below the exact point of this Homestay:


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5 Best Hotels Near Ijen Crater

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