Ijen Crater Tour from Bali

Ijen Crater Tour from Bali

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Ijen Crater Tour From Bali

Ijen Crater Tour from Bali, Ijen Crater Tour from Canggu Bali – Ijen Crater is an active volcano that has a beautiful panorama and it can be visited as the best tourist attraction in Indonesia. The scenery here is super beautiful but all the tourists need to hike through the steep path. For the one who has a problem with the foot, you can hire the local trolley that will lead you to the top of the Crater.

Ijen Crater Tour from Bali

One of the advantages of Ijen Crater is the view of Blue Fire. Blue Fire itself is a view of the blue fire from sulfur in Ijen Crater which is said to have only 2 in the world. Blue Fire can only be seen when it is dark, aka night. This is the unique side of Mount Ijen. Where tourists who want to see the Blue Fire have to climb from midnight so as not to lose sight.

It has a caldera wall as high as 300-500 meters while its area reaches 5,466 hectares. The size of the crater itself is approximately 20 km. The crater has a depth of about 300 meters below the caldera wall. It is never imagined if Indonesia, which we love so much.

Ijen crater tour from Bali, Ijen crater tour from Canggu Bali

Ijen Crater has a sulfur sublimate that will never run out because it can come out continuously. This sulfur sublimate is helpful for various chemical industry purposes but can also be used for sugar purification materials.

1 Day ( Midnight Trip)
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Bali Area
  • Departure Time
    About 7:00 PM
  • Return Time
    Around 3:00 PM
  • Dress Code
    Casual clothes and warm clothes with trekking/running shoes
Ijen Crater Tour from Bali (Midnight Trip)

Blue Fire ijen tour will guide you to witness the magnificent Ijen crater's caldera and the blue fire of Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. Java Adventure Trail has set it up for you, an enjoyable trip to visit the Blue Fire volcano, especially for visitors coming from Canggu, Bali. Instead of Canggu, you can also start this tour from Seminyak, Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Legian, or Sanur. If you are staying in Ubud, Munduk, Karang Asem, or further from the center of Bali, there will be an additional cost.

Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Canggu Bali facilitates your convenient tour to Ijen Crater. With private car service, the Ijen crater tour from Bali takes five to 5-to 6 hours a trip.

Ijen crater tour from Bali provides you with a joyful journey with paddy fields, mountains, and even ocean views accompanying your trip. Heading across the island of Java, the participants of the Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Canggu Bali will experience the joyful ferry boat trip. Crossing to Java Island on the boat takes about an hour.

Starting the trip to Blue Fire Volcano from Ketapang Port Banyuwangi, the journey takes an hour-long until it drives you to Paltuding, the Ijen parking area, and the admission.

Ijen Crater Paltuding is 1814 masl. The last preparations before starting to hike are all done on Paltuding. From Paltuding, hiking to Mount Ijen, which is 2386 masl, is 2 hours long.

Ijen Crater Lake is an acid 200 meters in depth and around 5466 hectares in width lake. Its volume reaches 36 million meters cubic, with around 500 meters height of the caldera wall. Ijen Mountain Indonesia does not only give you the beauty of a caldera and a fascinating lake. Ijen crater also has a unique natural phenomenon, the rare blue fire flaming out from the crater.

Blue fire phenomenon occurs when volcanic gas containing high-temperature sulfur collides with air or oxygen. The collision between the sulfur gas and oxygen then creates the blue spark. Blue fire volcano is an exceptional phenomenon that can hardly be found on Earth. As history recorded, there are only two blue fire natural phenomena that have ever been found. They are the Ijen Crater of Banyuwangi and the other one is in Iceland.

Ijen crater sulfur is also mined as it is the raw material of cosmetics, soap, and also sugar production. Ijen sulfur mining is done by distributing the volcanic gas through metal pipes to keep its temperature low so that it can change into liquid sulfur. Ijen sulfur mining is started only when the liquid sulfur turns solid. The ready-to-mine solid sulfur is then smashed with crowbars.

Ijen Tour from Bali invites you to take a closer look at the sulfur mining process of Mount Ijen. The mining is still traditional for the miners to use traditional tools like the crowbar, hose as a fire extinguisher, and bamboo basket to carry the sulfur. The Ijen sulfur miners commonly wear simple equipment like head torchlight, gloves, thin jackets, and boots. Most of them even wear no masks to beat off the thick sulfur smoke. There are at least 200 miners in Ijen every day. They usually start to mine by climbing up the hill from dawn in the morning and then down to the crater.

The process of sulfur mining usually takes one or two hours. Having finished the mining process, the miners will collect the mined sulfurs and put them into the baskets. Then they will climb up the hill, carrying the full baskets of sulfur. Each miner will repeat it twice or three times a day.

In each of the climbing up-and-down trips, each of the Ijen sulfur miners can carry 80-100 kg of load. Each kilogram of the sulfur they carry is commonly worth for about Rp 925, or 0,065 USD. But, to boost their motivation to load the sulfur twice a day, at the second or the third loading, the sulfur is worth Rp 1025, or around 0,073 USD for each kilogram. If in a day a sulfur miner can load twice from the crater, he will get around Rp 194.500 or about 13,76 USD. The sulfur mining activity is just another interesting social phenomenon to notice. It can be about how they break the sulfur stones by using crowbars. Or how they strive to carry the sulfur on baskets on their shoulders, move them into trolleys, and then push them until they reach the weighing area down around Paltuding.

Ijen plateau Java is one of the most favorite in Indonesia. Ijen Plateau presents you with a beautiful view. Aside from the view of the caldera with its turquoise crater, the tourists can also spot other mountain peaks. Like the peaks of Mount Suket, Mount Ranti, mount Merapi Ungup-Ungup, Wurung Crater, and Mount Raung.

On the peak of Ijen, visitors will witness the beauty of the fascinating sunrise. In a fair climate, the sunrise will even be more fascinated with the clouds besieging the mountains.

Blue Fire Ijen Tour will accompany you in exploring the beauty of Ijen with its blue flame and unique sulfur mining activity. Ijen crater tour from Bali facilitates tourists who want to continue their trip to other destinations in the east end of Java. Don't worry about contacting us to make a booking on the Ijen volcano tour. Find the best of our service and tour program at an affordable price. To get further information about our services and travel packages, click "Travel Package". Blue Fire Ijen Tour is ready to guide your trip from Bali to Java and vice versa. We have arranged and set it up the best for you. So, whenever or wherever you start your journey, we are ready to serve you.


7:00 PM (Balinese Time): Pick up service and transfer to Gilimanuk Harbour

00:00 AM (Balinese Time): Meet your guide and take a ferry going to Banyuwangi, Java Island

00:30 AM (Javanese Time): Start driving to Paltuding (Start Point of the Trekking)

2:00 AM (Javanese Time): Trekking to Ijen Crater

The trekking will take about 1 – 2 hours, depending on your fitness. Upon your arrival at the top of the crater, you will be invited to see the most famous natural phenomenon of blue fire. It’s only 2 in the world, Ijen Crater, Indonesia, and Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia. But to see closer, you must go down into the crater of Ijen. It’s pretty dangerous, so if you feel doubt about going down, we suggest staying on the top while waiting for the sunrise.

5:30 AM (Javanese Time ): Sunrise Time

7:00 AM (Javanese Time): Go down to the parking place

8:00 AM (Javanese Time): Driving back to the city 

9:00 AM (Javanese Time): Having a local breakfast (cost is on yourself)

10:30 AM (Javanese Time): Back to Ferry port

12:30 AM (Balinese Time): Driving back to your place in Bali

Around 16-17:00 (Balinese Time): Arriving at your place.




Price is in IDR and includes:

  • Pick up service from your Canggu, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak & transfer out back to your Hotel in Canggu, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak
  • Private land transportation with driver and fuel during the trip
  • Mineral water and English-speaking local guide in Ijen Crater
  • Gas mask in Ijen Crater
  • Entrance tickets to Ijen
  • Cost for parking during the trip
  • Cost for ferry from Bali to Java and Java to Bali

Price excludes:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Health Certificate
  • Tip / Gratitude for driver & guide ( recommended)
  • Meals and other personal expenses


    • IDR 3,300,000 for 1 person (good price for solo traveler)
    • IDR 1,750,000 / person (for 2 participants)
    • IDR 1,350,000 / person (for 3 participants)
    • IDR 1,150,000 / person (for 4 participants)
    • IDR 950,000 / person (for 5-9 participants)
    • IDR 850,000 / person (for 10-15 participants)

    Important note: There will be an additional cost (50.000 IDR / person) for a weekend or public holiday departure. A Health Certificate is required, you can make it by yourself at the local clinic in Bali or we take care of it with an additional cost of IDR 60.000 / person

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