Surabaya Ijen Blue Fire Sukamade Bromo Tour 6D5N

Surabaya Ijen Blue Fire Sukamade Bromo Tour 6D5N

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Surabaya Ijen Blue Fire Sukamade Bromo Tour 6D5N

Bromo Ijen Sukamade Tour, Bromo Sukamade Tour From Surabaya

Bromo Ijen Sukamade Tour – Indonesia is a country which has many islands, from west to east Indonesia has many cultures, local languages, tourist attractions and local cuisines. As a maritime country, Indonesia is a heaven for those who loved nice beaches, surfing, diving, fishing, and sailing. And as a country that’s a lot of active volcanoes, Indonesia has many natural attractions, waterfalls, trekking spots, volcanoes to hike, mountains, coffee, tea, spices plantation and many more.

Surabaya is the second-largest city of Indonesia and Surabaya is also the capital province of East Java, it is located on the edge east of Java land, around 796 km From Jakarta or 415 Km From Bali.  Surabaya is an appropriate city to take off if you want to discover East Java because it has an International Airport you can arrive directly. Surabaya also has many hotels you can stay in and restaurants which appropriate for you. From Asian cuisine till western cuisine served in Surabaya city.

Ijen Crater is located in Banyuwangi Regency, the easternmost Java land. That’s why that city called The Sun Rise of Java. It is located about 254 KM from Surabaya or 6 hours on riding. It could be reached by flight too. It only needs 60 minutes. So you can get to Banyuwangi quickly.

Ijen Crater Tour, Kawah Ijen Tour

Blue Fire Ijen Tour

In Ijen Crater you will see the phenomenon beautiful Blue fire on your eyes. By did tracking 1 hour only in midnight you can go down to the Sulfur source and see that Blue Flame. Not Only Blue Flame, But You will also catch the panorama of Blue Lake with the sunray of sunrise in the morning. You can also discover the beauty of Merapi Mountain from the top of Crater. We will provide the equipment properly to hike Ijen Crater, from Professional guide, gas mask and some first aid necessary. Because even that path looks easy it needs well preparation.

In same Regency, Banyuwangi, there is a Beach where the giant turtle lives and laid their eggs named Sukamade Beach. Sukamade is located quite far from Banyuwangi city. It will take about 4 to 5 hours on the road. We will stay in the middle of the Jungle where the is no internet and food shop. In Sukamade, you not only see the giant turtle but also releasing the Baby Turtle to the sea. The Ranger will tell us about all things of Turtle, from the varieties of them till the way they live.

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From Sukamade we will go to Bromo, it is located in Probolinggo Regency and will take around 6 hours riding. We will stay at the top of the Village and we can watch the Bromo Crater from the Hotel. The journey is started at 03.40 am, we will go to Penanjakan to catch the sunrise. After we will discover Bromo Crater, we will climb up by using a horse or walk to the top of the crater. We can discover the sea of sand or Savana too; you will never forget your experience here.


Bromo Ijen Sukamade Tour, Bromo Sukamade Tour From Surabaya

This package is appropriate to you who loves adventure and thrill during the holiday. We provide the best guide who will guide your trip to be more attractive and memorable. We also prepare proper transportation to make your journey will more comfortable. We always keep communication between operators and guides to make sure your trip going to perfectly. Enjoy your day with us and feel the adventure in East Java

The further information about this package (Transportation, Accommodation, Tickets)  you can contact us on the website and don’t forget to check another tour package too.

Enjoy your holiday with the appropriate agency to make your vacation more enjoyable with amazing experience.  Let’s turn your holiday into an adventure.

Bromo Ijen Sukamade Tour, Bromo Sukamade Tour From Surabaya

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6 Days 5 Nights
Age Requirement Varies + Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Departure Time
    9:00 AM
  • Return Time
    Around 4:00 PM
  • Dress Code
    Casual clothes and warm clothes with trekking/running shoes
Day 1


Ijen Crater Tour will start at your Hotel in Surabaya area at 9.00 AM, our driver will pick you up at the hotel then you will be escorted to the airport in Surabaya. Here, you will take a flight to Banyuwangi for about an hour. The flight from Surabaya starts from 11.15 AM and you will arrive in Banyuwangi Airport at 12.15 Upon your arrival in Banyuwangi airport, we will escort you to the hotel in ijen crater area for an enjoyable stay before you do a tour in Ijen crater on the next morning.

Day 2


Ijen blue fire tour will start at 1.00 from your hotel in Banyuwangi, you are requested to wear trekking shoes for your safety hike. The journey will take about an hour from your hotel to Paltuding (1850 m). Paltuding is parking point or starting point before you hike Ijen Crater (2386m). The trekking will take about ±2 hours until the blue fire point, it depends on your pace and condition. At least you should be at the peak of Ijen Crater at 4.15 AM if you don’t want to miss the blue fire.  The blue fire always appears every night and it will be gone when the sun rises at 5.20 AM. After enjoying the blue fire, you should go back to the top of Ijen Crater, from the top you will see the view of the turquoise lake. It will be nice when the sun shines onto the lake.

Ijen crater has the biggest sulfuric lake in Indonesia, and it’s one of the biggest sulfuric lakes in the world with the acidity below 0. The acidity of the lake is around 0,5 ph. Besides the amazing view of Ijen Crater, you will see some sulfur miners/workers who work hard to carry more than 80kg of sulfur blocks on their shoulder, and they only earn USD 8 per day. It really depends on how many kgs of sulfur they can carry. Sulfur mining in Ijen Crater is very old. They start to do mining from 1950. It’s kind of unstoppable sulfur mining. Make sure you share something to them after taking a photo such as candy or food that you have in your bag.


If the weather is good enough and you have a good condition for trekking at night, you can take Ijen blue fire tour at Ijen Crater but you are required to leave the Hotel or Homestay around 1:00 AM or Midnight. Please check the picture of the blue fire at Ijen Crater on the Internet.

After enjoying the enchanting scenery at Crater of Ijen Crater then we will go down to the parking area where our car is waiting for escorting you to our next destination that is Sukamade Turtle Beach. It will take for about 3, 5 hours’ drive to Rajegwesi beach then we will drive to Sukomade Turtle Beach about 1, 5 hours riding 4WD car (jeep). You will cross the rain forest and rivers using our special adventure jeep. Upon your arrival in Sukamade Turtle Beach area, you will stay in the guest house there before you do Sukamade Turtle Tour in the evening.


You have required an early dinner at 6.30 PM or 7.00 PM because at 8.00 PM we have to meet with all the groups who want to see the turtle on the beach. The rangers of turtle foundation and natural resources conservation will give a short briefing about the night tour to see the turtle, then they will take you to the shore of Sukamade beach to see the turtle is laying the eggs. The rangers will give you very good guidance about what should you do and what you shouldn’t do when you are there. The Sukamade turtle beach is kind of monitoring an extinct animal from their extinction, we monitor how many turtles have landed on the beach and how many eggs that we can collect from them. When they are laying the eggs, there is some predator watches the egg. That’s why we have to collect them from the wildlife then move the eggs into the artificial sand in the rangers’ office until the eggs hatched.  The tour will be finished until 11.00 PM.


The accommodations here such as the homestays and guesthouses are very simple, with no air conditioning, no cell phone services and very limited. So, when you plan to go here, make sure you have booked the guest house or homestay in this area. For foods are very limited as well, if you want to buy some beers or snacks better you buy it in the minimart before you head to this place.

Day 3


You should wake up at 6.00 AM, then at 6.30 AM, we have to go to the beach that we went to last night for releasing some little turtles because all the visitors will get some baby turtles to release on the beach. It is part of traveling and education from this Turtle Foundation. After enjoying your amazing morning with a baby turtle on the beach, you can see the surroundings of Merubetiri National Park, this is an area of virtually void of people and we will enable you to have looked many attractions of biodiversity along with the peculiarities of plants, animals and exotic landscapes without disturbing the ecosystem. In this national park, there is also a beautiful place which is called Green Bay. We must walk the hill down about 2 kilometers; it looks like a hidden bay. In Green Bay, we can do sunbathing, swimming or just relaxing while drinking a fresh young coconut. After enjoying the stunning bay, we will take the fishing boat for going back and catching our jeep. Afterward, we will go to Red Island Beach for taking a great lunch while enjoying the area.

Afterward, we leave this area to continue our trip to your hotel in Banyuwangi area for staying overnight there. It takes 3 – 4 hours’ drive, upon your arrival there, you will have free time, you can use your free time for getting a massage or just relax in your room before you do Baluran National Park tour tomorrow morning.

Day 4


About at 06.00 in the morning, our car will bring you to Baluran National Park in the northern town of Banyuwangi. It takes about an hour's drive to the entrance gate then driving into Baluran National Park for about an hour. Beginning the trip in this park you will enter an area called evergreen forest where the forest along this path is always green throughout the year. After driving 50 minutes into the forest, then you come to a vast field called Little Africa in Java. This vast savanna is a life of various types of mammals such as bulls, monkeys, a group of deer, wild buffaloes and many kinds of birds.

A viewing tower with a height of 7 meters will bring you to watch different types of exotic woods. Your adventure will continue with the canoe on the beach which is only 15 minutes from the savanna. In this beach, you can sunbathe while enjoying the quiet beauty of the Java Sea, or trek through beautiful white sand.

After enjoying the nature in Baluran National Park, we will continue our trip to Mount Bromo area; it will take about ± 5 hours.

We will pass the local villages, rice field, and Pasir Putih coastline. You will be invited to have lunch at the local restaurant. Upon your arrival in Mount Bromo area, you will stay in lava view hotel or similar hotel for an enjoyable stay before you do Mount Bromo tour on the next morning.

Day 5


Mount Bromo tour will start at 3.30 AM when you come on the weekend or holiday season in Indonesia, you should start your tour earlier, it’s good for us because we can get the place for waiting for the sunrise. Afterward, the jeep will take you the best hills to see the sunrise here, those are Penanjakan and Kingkong Hill. It will take about 40 minutes’ drive, upon your arrival in the hill; you have to wait for the sunrise while enjoying coffee or tea there. The sunrise will rise around 5.20 AM. When the sun rises, the people will yell to greet the sun. On another side, you will see Mount Bromo, Semeru, and Batok is smiling to you when the sun shines on them. The best time to take a photo here is from 5.50 AM – 6.15 AM. You should make the best photo here as proof that you were here. After we enjoy the sunrise and the view from the top of the hill, we will go back to our jeep and we will drive to the sea of sand for doing your trek to the peak of Mount Bromo. The trekking will take about 1,5 hours up and down the slope. There are two choices that you can take during your trekking to Mount Bromo, ride a horse or walk.

When you have reached the peak of Mount Bromo, you will see the most active volcano in real. You will see how Mount Bromo makes a sound of its activity and sometimes there are ashes and smokes come out from the hole. After we enjoy the volcanic activity of Mount Bromo, we will go back to our jeep and back to the hotel for having breakfast then load your bags and bring your important stuff for camping afterward we will escort you to Ranupani Village (2400 m) about 2 – 3 hours driving by jeep. Then, we are going to Semeru Trekking Centre for registering ourselves and taking lunch.

Afterward, we will do trekking for 4 -5 hours heading to Ranukumbala Lake (2400 m). Before Arriving at the camping site, we will pass the savanna and lake. Then, we arrived around 05:00 PM at the camping site (Ranu Kumbolo lake 2400 m), preparation to cook for dinner which was presented by our guide and porter cuisine and we are in service of porters set up tents as well. Enjoy the view in the afternoon and walking around the camping site then staying overnight in the tents.

Day 6

Waking up at 4:00 am in the morning to enjoy breakfast banana pancakes or toast, coffee/tea, then going to the hill of Tanjakan Cinta (Love Slope) to catch twin sunrise above Ranu Kumbolo Lake, it’s behind your tent, enjoy the scenery around. It would be a memorable time for you. Around 9.00 am, you must pack your stuff and continue our trekking to Ranupane village then back to your hotel in Mount Bromo area, take all the stuff that you left at the hotel then go to Surabaya. It will take about 3-4 hours.



Price is in IDR and includes:
  • Pick up service from Surabaya & transfer out to Surabaya.
  • 2 Nights stay in Banyuwangi area with a breakfast
  • 1 Night stay in Sukamade Turtle Beach with a dinner & breakfast
  • 1 Night stay in Mount Bromo area with a breakfast
  • Cost for camping in Ranu Kumbolo Lake (1 night)
  • Land transportation with driver and fuel during the trip
  • Mineral water and English speaking guide
  • The jeep for Sukamade turtle beach & Mount Bromo Tours
  • Cost for ride a boat from Rajegwesi to Greenbay
  • Cost for tollway and parking during the trip
  • Meals as stated on the programs (B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: dinner)

Price excludes:
  • Travel insurance
  • Entrance tickets in Ijen Crater ( IDR 100.000 on Monday – Friday and IDR 150.000 Saturday – Sunday )
  • Entrance tickets in Mt Bromo ( IDR 230.000 on Monday – Friday and IDR 330.000 Saturday – Sunday )
  • Entrance tickets in Sukomade Turtle Beach (IDR 250.000 /person)
  • Donation for Banyuwangi Turtle Foundation (it’s around IDR 50.000 for your group)
  • Entrance tickets in Baluran National Park (IDR 250.000 /person)
  • Bar, laundry, phone calls, and the internet
  • Cost for lunch & Dinner during the trip
  • Meals that not stated on the programs (B: breakfast, L: Lunch, D: dinner)
  • Tipping & other personal costs 

    Contact us for the price and detail of this trip.

    Blue Fire Ijen Tour

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