Sukamade Turtle Beach

Sukamade Turtle Beach

Sukamade Turtle Beach – Are you people who love adventure?

Banyuwangi is regency who’s a lot of tourist attraction. Many tourists visit Banyuwangi to explore beauty. Many tourism attractions to must visit, From nature attraction, religious tourism, cultures tourism, and heritage tourism. The famous nature attraction of them are Kawah Ijen, Sukamade, and Pulau Merah Beach or named red island.

For the adventurer, Sukamade is an amazing place to explore the beauty of the jungle, beach and wild animal.

Sukamade is located in Pesanggaran sub-district or around 4 hours from Banyuwangi or Jember. It can be reached by private car or bus. But to make sure your journey, be better you take a tour with a good and trusted agency. Because of all about things they can give to you perfectly. From information, accommodation, and transportation. You can contact for further information about the tour package.

That is not easy to reach Sukamade beach. Some roads leading near to location maybe bumpy and require an experienced guide with a 4 wheels drive vehicles to maneuver the rough path. If you use the bus, you should stop in Pesanggaran village then rent a jeep or motorcycle. It will take 2 hours heading to Sukamade beach by using jeep. It is recommended if you are a solo traveler.


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The reason for the rough road is to save the population and ecosystem of the turtle. It is to make a distance between people with the home of the turtle. So, just enjoy your bumpy journey to Sukamade beach.

Around Sukamade beach is a place for turtle conservation. We can see how the ranger treated the baby turtle carefully. There around 5 varieties of turtle in Sukamade beach, but we only can meet one. If we are lucky, we will watch out a giant turtle lies her eggs surround the beach. Usually, they will come over 06.00 pm. And we will wait and see the giant turtle when the ranger gives us the sign. We are prohibited to turn the screen handphone, flash camera or lighter. And we are also prohibited to make noise. While you wait at the turtle, you can lay on the sand and watch the starry night.

The visitors are only allowed to approach the beach at 09.00 am till 05.00 pm. Because the turtle will come up to the beach and prepared to lay the eggs. But, before doing it, the turtle will monitor Sukamade beach area to make sure there is none who dangerous for her eggs

In the morning, before breakfast, we are allowed to release some baby turtles. We will see, how the baby turtle goes to the sea and wish for their safety. The ranger said if from ten babies turtle only one which can survive in the ocean. Actually, the baby turtle will always remember where they are from and some day they will back home. But, as human, we should make sure the same place stays safety for them or they will go away and dies in between.

The Attractions we can meet on the road are heading Sukamade.

  • The Huge Plantation: When you entrance around Meru Betiri Area, you will meet beautiful plantation along the way to Sarongan Village. Your eyes will be spoiled by the beauty of rubber, sugar cane plants, and cacao plantations. It is going to be fun riding to Sukamade Area. We saw more than we thought we would. The trip out there was long and a bit bumpy but, nice scenery
  • Brown Sugar Kitchen: When you entrance Sarongan Area before you meet Sukamade, you can stop in the local place where the brown sugar made. You will see how the local people processed the Nira (the main ingredients to make brown sugar) into brown sugar. Brown sugar is good for our help. It can increase our stamina when we were getting low.
  • Beautiful Beach: we will see the beautiful beach along the route. From Mustika beach, peace bay, green bay, and Sukamade beach. Then, each beach has a different character. But, you should have more days if you want to explore them.
  • The river: We will across more than 1 river to catch the beach. That’s why we need jeep as transportation because the family vehicle cannot handle it. But, the most exciting moment is here. When our vehicle across the big river. I recommend you to ride the jeep on the top, we can see the scenery perfectly.
  • Wild Animal: If we are lucky, we will meet some animal who lives in the jungle. Such as peacock, wild deer, wild pig, any kinds of varieties of birds and others.
  • Sukamade Village: you will be surprised by a village in the middle of the jungle. A village with no signal or internet. They live such other people, and there is a school also. Capture their daily life, they will amaze you.
  • Homestay: There will be only 2 areas that you can stay:
  1. Wisma Kebun: it’s kind of guesthouse that is a location in the small village area and if you want to go Sukamade Turtle Beach, you will be needing almost an hour due to the bad road. This room has no shower, fan, air condition or heater.
  2. Wisma Pantai: This is the best option to stay in Sukamade Turtle Beach, it’s the closest one to the Sukamade Turtle Beach, so you don’t need to drive anymore to reach the beach. But the condition of the room is basic; No fan, no shower, no air condition. This stay is arranged by the ranger. So, you can stay there and enjoy your dinner with simple cuisine. Or, you can bring your own food, because there is no shop which is selling food.

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MEETING POINT: BANYUWANGI / Airport Blimbingsari

Private Car
You can be heading to Rogojampi – Srono – Benculuk – Jajag – Pesanggaran –Sungai Lembu Plantation – Rajegwesi beach – Sarongan Village. *If you use the family vehicle, you can rent the jeep here.

Public Transportation
You can take a bus which heading to Pesanggaran or Jajag, then change your bus from Jajag Sarongan by using DAMRI. But, only one bus which goes to Sarongan, and its departure at 12.00 pm. Even you are from Jember, you should take a bus and stop in Jajag terminal then change into DAMRI.

The for further information you can contact, get the detail information about ticket, transportation, and accommodation.

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