What is Ijen Crater, Best time to visit Ijen Crater

Best time to visit Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi

What is Ijen Crater, Best time to visit Ijen Crater

Best time to visit Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi – Ijen Crater is an active volcano in Banyuwangi East Java that has beautiful landscapes. Some people also called it, Ijen Volcano, Kawah Ijen, Mount Ijen or Ijen Plateau. It has the biggest sulfuric lake in Indonesia or even in South East Asia. The lake always change the color, sometimes light blue, green and turquoise.

View Blue Fire Mount Ijen

View Blue Fire Mount Ijen

Beside of the best view of the lake, there is also one thing that make this volcano become famous. That is Blue Fire, the natural phenomenon that only can appear in the darkness and it can be found two in the world, Indonesia (Ijen Crater) and Ethiopia Dallol Volcano). It’s also one time captured in Hawaian Volcano too. But in Ijen Crater is the only one who can appear everyday without stopping.


Ijen Crater is exactly located in Banyuwangi Town which is an hour drive from the town to the start point of the trekking. You can check the maps below to see where the exact location of Ijen Crater.


Based on our experiences from year by year, the best time to visit Ijen Crater is so unpredictable especially if you want to see the whole view of lake. It’s caused of Ijen Crater is an active volcano that spews the smoke every time and sometimes when the wind goes to Eastern side, we will not see the view of the lake because the smoke will cover the lake itself.

Top of Ijen Crater

Top of Ijen Crater

And if we talk about the best time of weather, for sure our suggestion is on the dry season which is started from April until October. But sometimes the weather is also unpredictable. So make sure, you always check the weather forecast. And if there is rain at Banyuwangi Town, it does not mean, it will be rain as well at Ijen Crater. Mostly it’s not raining.

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Best time to visit Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi – Blue Fire Ijen Tour

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