Bali Ijen Sukamade Tour 3D2N

Bali Ijen Sukamade Tour 3D2N

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Bali Ijen Sukamade Tour

Bali Ijen Blue Fire Sukamade tour package 3D2N, Blue Fire Ijen Tour

Bali Ijen Blue Fire Sukamade tour package 3D2N, Blue Fire Ijen Tour

Mount Ijen and Sukamade Turtle Beach are the most visited places in Banyuwangi Town by the traveler around the world. Why? Because both of them have their own uniqueness.

1. Mount Ijen/Kawah Ijen/Ijen Crater is an active volcano that has a beautiful landscape of the crater and also it has the rarest natural phenomenon in the world that is Blue Fire/ Blue Flame that comes out from this volcano itself. This natural phenomenon is only two in the world, Ijen Volcano and Dallol Volcano in Ethiopia.

2. Sukamade Turtle Beach is a remote beach in the southwest of Banyuwangi town that has hidden gems and it’s a must-visit place for anyone who loves the serenity and less crowded tourist area. Sukamade Beach is a place for some type of turtle to lay their egg out and you can see how the local foundation takes care of the egg till it’s to be a turtle. To reach Sukamade Beach is not easy, there is the only way to go there and only with the 4WD car, we must cross the river and bumpy road. moreover there is no connection for the phone or the internet and also there is only 2 places to stay which very basic.

These two places are very accessible from Bali area, that’s why we try to offer for anyone who is visiting Bali to make a short 3 days trip to Mount Ijen and Sukamade Turtle Beach. For further information about the trip, you can check the itinerary tab.

The information for the tour:

The temperature for each place:

  • Sukamade Turtle Beach is quite humid and hot, so it’s about 24-25°, in the night can be 20°.
  • Ijen Crater has 10-15° (during the sunrise), it will be warmer after the 8 am.

What you should bring:

  • Camera
  • Wet shoes, slipper, water-resistant bag
  • Tripod
  • Light jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Raincoat
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal medicine
  • The small amount of money
  • Flashlight
  • Light fleece / sweater
  • Warm hat
  • Tiger balm or spray muscle (for muscle pain)
  • Long pants and shorts

For further information about Ijen and Sukamade Turtle Beach tour from Bali and booking, please feel free to contact us directly to our Email: / WhatsApp number: +6287755920876

3 Days 2 Nights
Age Requirement Varies + Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Bali Area
  • Departure Time
    10.00 AM
  • Return Time
    Around 4:00 PM (Balinese Time)
  • Dress Code
    Casual clothes, wetsuits and warm clothes with trekking/running shoes
Day 1


We will start your tour from Bali to Ijen Crater and we highly recommend to start the tour at 10.00 AM when your hotel is around Ubud, Kuta, Jimbaran, Sanur or Denpasar because the journey will take ±5 hours. If your hotel around Pemuteran or Lovina, you can start the tour at 11.30 AM, because it’s only 2-3 hours’ drive. Your driver will take you to the western part of Bali, Gilimanuk Ferry Port is one of the busiest port that help the people want to travel to Java Island by land. The ferry will take about an hour. Upon your arrival in Ketapang Ferry Port (Java Island), you will be escorted to your hotel in Banyuwangi before you do a blue fire tour in Ijen Crater at midnight.

Day 2


Ijen blue fire tour will start at 1.00 AM, the car will take you to Paltuding, Paltuding is a parking place where we will park our car and starting our trekking to Ijen Crater. Paltuding stands around 1850m and Ijen Crater is around 2386m. The journey to your hotel to Paltuding will take about an hour. Upon your arrival in Paltuding, you will be asked by your guide to preparing everything that you need such as torchlight and so on. We will walk in 3 km and we need ± 1, 5 hours to the top of Ijen Crater. When you have reached the top of Ijen Crater, you will see the blue fire in small size from the top of the Crater, if you are still fit enough, you will be guided to go down for 30 minutes to see the blue fire closer, make sure you have put the gas mask on your neck. The path to go down into the Bluefire point is so dangerous, it’s rocky and slippery, and you must walk slowly and listen to your guide.

Upon your arrival in blue fire point, you will be amazed at it, because it’s only two in the world, in Ijen Crater, Indonesia and Dallol Volcano in Ethiopia. The blue fire is actually from the hydrogen sulfate gas that meets oxygen in the air, and it only appears in the night. At 5.00 AM, you have to go back to the top of the Ijen Crater to see the sunrise and the view of Ijen Crater from above.

The scenery will be wonderful when the sun shines perfectly to the crater because Ijen Crater has a beautiful big sulfur lake with turquoise color. Ijen Crater is one of the most active volcanoes with the most acid lake in the world, the acidity reaches 0,8 ph – 0,5 ph.

After enjoying the beautiful scenery around 6:40 AM, we have to go back to Paltuding then drive to you for having breakfast and take a shower. About 10:00 AM from your hotel in Banyuwangi area. Your driver and guide will pick you up then we will drive to Merubetiri National Park for ± 5 hours. After 3 hours of driving, you will reach Sarongan village where you can have your lunch at the local restaurant. When you have taken lunch, you will continue your trip to Sukamade Turtle Beach for about 2 hours more but an hour from the lunch place we will stop at Rajegwesi beach where you can see the portrait of local fishermen here and we can visit beautiful hidden gem, we named it Teluk Hijau/ Teluk Ijo, it’s small beach with white sand and green crystal water. We can go there by boat to make it faster but when the weather is not possible to take a boat we can walk for about 30 minutes. From Teluk Ijo, we have to drive about 1,5 hours more to Sukamade Turtle Beach by local jeep because the road to go there is so bumpy and bad moreover we have to pass rivers as well (jeep is very recommended in this place). Upon your arrival in Sukamade Turtle Beach area, you can put your bags at the local guest house there then you can walk around the area and see the sunset if the weather is good.


You will be required to take an early dinner at 6.30 PM or 7.00 PM because at 8.00 PM we have to meet with all the groups who want to see the turtle on the beach. The rangers of turtle foundation and natural resources conservation will give a short briefing about the night tour to see the turtle, then they will take you to the shore of Sukamade beach to see the turtle is laying the eggs. The rangers will give you very good guidance about what should you do and what you shouldn’t do when you are there. The Sukamade turtle beach is kind of monitoring an extinct animal from their extinction, we monitor how many turtles have landed on the beach and how many eggs that we can collect from them. When they are laying the eggs, there is some predator watches the egg. That’s why we have to collect them from the wildlife then move the eggs into the artificial sand in the rangers’ office until the eggs hatched.  The tour will be finished until 11.00 PM.


The accommodations here such as the homestays and guesthouses are very simple, with no air conditioning, no cell phone services and very limited. So, when you plan to go here, make sure you have booked the guest house or homestay in this area. For foods are very limited as well, if you want to buy some beers or snacks better you buy it in the minimart before you head to this place.

Day 3


You should wake up at 6.00 AM, then at 6.30 AM, we have to go to the beach that we went to last night for releasing some little turtles because all the visitors will get some baby turtles to release on the beach. It is part of traveling and education from this Turtle Foundation. After enjoying your amazing morning with a baby turtle on the beach, we will be back to your guesthouse for having breakfast then we leave the place and head to the town of Banyuwangi for ±5 hours. Your lunch will be served at the local restaurant on the way to Banyuwangi. Around 1:00 PM, we will take you to Keatapang Ferry Port, then we will take a ferry to Bali for about an hour, upon your arrival in Gilimanuk Ferry Port (Bali Side), you will meet your driver who will escort your hotel in Bali area (Ubud, Lovina, Sanur or Kuta).

Note: Gilimanuk Ferry Port to Ubud, Kuta, Sanur, Jimbaran, Denpasar (±4 Hours Drive) Lovina (±2 Hours Drive) and Pemuteran (± 30 minutes Drive)



Price is in IDR and includes:
  • Pick up service from your Bali & transfer out back to your hotel in Bali
  • 1N at the hotel/homestay in Banyuwangi area with breakfast
  • 1N stay in Sukamade Turtle Beach with breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Land transportation with driver and fuel during the trip
  • Mineral water and Private English speaking guide
  • Gas mask for Ijen Crater
  • Private jeep for Sukamade Turtle Beach
  • Cost for parking during the trip
  • Cost for ferry from Bali to Java and Java to Bali
  • Donation for Banyuwangi Turtle Foundation

Price excludes:
  • Travel insurance
  • Entrance tickets to Ijen Crater
  • Entrance tickets to Sukamade Turtle Beach
  • Tipping & other personal costs

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