Ijen Crater Tour from Banyuwangi

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Ijen crater day trip will start from your hotel in Banyuwangi area at 5.00 AM, make sure you bring your breakfast box so you can eat your breakfast while you do trekking. The car will bring you to Paltuding, Paltuding is a parking area with 1850 m height where all visitor stop and starting their trekking here. The journey from your hotel to Paltuding will take about an hour, on the way to Paltuding, you will pass the same villages with their morning activity, rice fields, and rainforest before Paltuding area.

Upon your arrival in Paltuding, you must be ready to walk for 3 km and it takes about 1, 5 hours to the top of Ijen Crater (2386m). When you are lucky enough, you will see some Javanese leaf monkeys are hanging around the trees on the way to the top of Ijen Crater. Upon your arrival in Ijen Crater, you will surprise with an amazing view of Ijen Crater with its turquoise color lake. Ijen crater is one of the most active volcanoes in Java Island with the biggest sulfuric lake in the world moreover the lake has the lowest acidity compare another volcano in  Java, the acidity reaches 0,8 ph. to 0,5 ph. it’s pretty similar to Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland, but here you can do swim and bathing, it’s very dangerous. Although it’s so dangerous, we can still see the great landscape of the lake if we take a photo from the top of Ijen Crater.

Besides the amazing scenery of Ijen Crater and surrounding, you will notice there are some workers/ miners who walk and down in the sulfur mining at Ijen Crater area. They have to walk down with an empty basket then go back with blocks sulfur in their basket, they have to walk for 800 m, it’s steep and rocky path for them. Moreover, they only get paid USD 8 per day, it really depends on how many sulfurs that they can bring. Make sure you give something after you take a photo of them.

After enjoying the tour on the top of Ijen Crater, you have to go back to your car in Paltuding then we will escort you back to your Hotel in Banyuwangi area.

Price is in IDR and includes:

  • Pick up service from your Hotel in Banyuwangi & transfer out back to your Hotel in Banyuwangi
  • Land transportation with driver and fuel during the trip
  • Mineral water and English speaking guide
  • Cost for parking during the trip
  • Entrance fee in Ijen Crater

Price excludes:

  • Travel insurance
  • Tipping & other personal costs

For further information about Ijen Day Tour from Banyuwangi and booking, please feel free to contact us directly to our Email: bluefireijentour@gmail.com / WhatsApp number: +6287755920876 or you can click the booking button below;

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