Ferry from Java to Bali Indonesia

Ferry from Java to Bali Indonesia


Indonesia is the archipelago country that has a lot of islands to explore and visit. One of the most mass transportation is Ferry or Barge.  The ferry is the cheapest way to visit one island to another island in Indonesia.

For tourist or traveler from around the world, they always want to visit Bali as the main destination in Indonesia. Bali can be reached easily from Lombok and Java but most the travelers start their tour from Java Island because Java is the most favorable island for a volcano or nature lovers, for example, Borobudur temple, Yogyakarta City, Jomblang Cave, Mount Bromo, Malang city, and Ijen Crater. And Most of the tourists are confused about how to get to Bali from Java. They don’t know about the schedule of the ferry from Java to Bali, where to start and how long the ferry takes. Firstly, you should go to Ketapang Ferry Harbor, It’s in Banyuwangi town.  From Ketapang Ferry Harbor, you need to buy a ticket (IDR 7,000) but you should fill your name with a completed address, age and etc.  They start to collect the data of the passenger since last year after there was an accident of ferry who sank near the harbor.

The ferry will leave every 20 minutes in 24/7, so you don’t need to pre-book the ticket. The ferry will take about an hour or more. it depends on the weather.

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